Morson Embrace Latest Technology to Ensure Our Website is Accessible to People Living with Dyslexia. Ross, MD at ReciteMe Explains Its Importance

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  • We are proud to have implemented the latest technology to ensure our website is accessible to those living with dyslexia.

  • Ross, ReciteMe’s MD who also has dyslexia chats about why the Morson accessibility journey is so important for job seekers.

  • Find out how over 3000 people have used our accessibility software to find their next role.

At the start of the year, we began our accessibility journey by adding the Recite Me accessibility software to our website to ensure our online recruitment process is accessible to everyone.

To find out more about the importance of accessibility in recruitment and learn more about the story behind Recite Me, we spoke to Ross, Managing Director.

Ross discovered he had dyslexia when he was 22 and the president of a student union - completely finished education. His story inspired him to create Recite Me to ensure that there are no barriers to success for people with disabilities.

How does dyslexia affect your day to day life?

“One thing is I’m always late for things and that is a very classic dyslexia sign, the judgement of time tends to be off all the way through to the obvious ones really like I read much slower and have a tendency to lose interest in reading much quicker. Another one is my attention span, no meetings in our business last longer than 20 minutes because you’ve got 20 minutes with me until I start looking out of the window and admiring the birds flying by!”

Around 10 to 15 per cent of people in the world have dyslexia or another learning difficulty. In the UK that figure currently stands at around 15 per cent. This means that one in every 6.7 people in this country has dyslexia or another learning difficulty.

Does your dyslexia ever affect you at work? If so, in what instance?

“Reading for me is like cycling uphill. I can do it, but eventually I’ll get exhausted. That’s why it’s so important for people to have a piece of accessibility software like Recite Me. If I change the colour of the screen and my background colour is yellow and the text is blue, I read 25% faster and I don’t get tired of reading as much.”

To find out more about our partnership with Recite Me, click here.

What can businesses do differently to make their websites more inclusive to people with dyslexia?

“One of the most important things is the individual company’s ownership of the adjustment. When the Disability Discrimination Act came in there were companies taking ownership and putting in ramps but when it came to dyslexia and visual impairment, they were still relying on people to buy their own software.”

“So, what I would say to companies is to take ownership. What can you do to make your content more accessible?”

Since we implemented Recite Me onto our website in February, we have had nearly 3,000 people use the software to browse our website and find a job, opening up our services to a much wider talent pool who may not have been able to use our website before

What adjustments can employers make to the application process to make it easier for people living with dyslexia?

“This might go against a lot of company’s policies but generally assessment centres don’t work well for people with dyslexia. It kind of prays on everything that a dyslexic person isn’t good at. It’s time-based restrictions, it’s a lot of reading, writing and forced scenarios in an unnatural environment. If there is a person who has dyslexia the best thing to do is to pre-plan how that adjustment is going to be.”

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To find out more about our Morson Equals Opportunities campaign, click here. Or click the 'Accessibility tools' button on our homepage to search our latest jobs using ReciteMe.