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Safety Matters | Changing Behaviours on Track

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Safety Matters


  • We speak to John Camp, Safety Advisor at Morson International about his passion and commitment towards behavioural health and safety

  • Read about how we are trying to change behaviours on the track


Since joining Morson International in May 2017, our safety advisor, John Camp, has developed an exceptional rapport with our gangs out on track, bringing real passion and commitment towards behavioural health and safety.

“It’s my job to promote a positive health and safety culture to make sure our entire workforce follows current health and safety legislation,” explains John. “You can’t do this sitting behind a desk. Instead, a great health and safety advisor is someone who’s on the ground with our people every night to understand the environments they work in. Only by understanding their roles and the challenges they face, can you then develop meaningful ways to tackle these issues.”

John’s 10+ year rail career began as a platelayer, before progressing to PWT, then health and safety advisor; something he credits towards developing such excellent relationships with our workforce out on track.

He continues: 

“I’ve done most of the work that our people do to understand first-hand the issues they face. Thankfully, we have broken down the stereotypes towards health and safety advisors that were present back in my early days out on track to make sure our people see us as approachable and friendly. We’re all one team, working for the same business with a common goal, which is to work safe and go home safe every day."

“If there are 18 people on site, then I’ll make sure I go up to all 18 during their shift to shake their hand and have an open and honest conversation about safety. I’m not there to point fingers or to catch people out, but to give them the right support and confidence to do their job safely."

“One great way of changing behaviour is making sure people understand the consequences of their actions, both in the short and long term. Not only should they be aware of the physical dangers but have visibility of the wider impact on their personal life. An accident could see someone off sick for a few months, which as a contractor, could have a significant impact on their personal situation.”

Soon after joining, John launched the Group’s first PWT forum, having seen their success elsewhere in improving health and safety, which now take place quarterly, or earlier if deemed necessary.

John continues: 

“If there’s a significant issue, then we’ll bring our PWT forum forward. They’re the perfect way to speak face-to-face with our PWTs to cover box talks, site inspections and more. These people are our safety champions and it’s my job to make sure they have the right tools, knowledge and training to succeed in what they do."

“The power of data is also changing what we do, as we’ve access to so much information surrounding health and safety. The close call app is giving us more insight than ever before about the everyday issues that our workforce face. Not only does it help tailor preventative measures, but we can analyse trends and use this data to make more people aware of the common problems or provide additional training to ultimately reduce accidents and incidents."

“I receive exceptional support from my superiors in the business, and I take my responsibility seriously and want to give this same support to everyone out on track. Every night, I ask ‘is there anything I should be aware of here on site?’ to start a proactive conversation towards health and safety. I also believe that if it doesn’t look right then it most likely isn’t, and I’m making sure our workforce has the confidence to always speak up about health and safety.”

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