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Rebekah Lee, Head of Marketing, Features in Recruitment International Magazine Discussing Mental Wellbeing

  • Publish Date: Posted over 2 years ago
  • Author: Jessica Tabinor

  • Head of Marketing, Rebekah Lee features in Recruitment International Magazine discussing Morson's involvement with mental health awareness 

  • Read about the mental wellbeing initiatives that Morson has put in place 

  • Download our mental health whitepaper to find out more

Mental health is now a permanent part of the workplace, with figures from the Department of Health stating that one in four of us will experience mental illness at some point in our lives.

At Morson International, we have seen an increase in the number of staff coming forward to express their own struggles with mental illness and seek support. This change in attitudes presented the opportunity to strengthen our own workplace priorities towards mental health by developing effective engagement strategies that tackle the core issues. In doing so, this has enabled us to attract and retain our talented people, drive productivity and innovation and reap numerous commercial benefits that set us apart from many of our competitors.

We are proud to be featured in February’s issue of Recruitment International magazine which saw Rebekah Lee, Head of Marketing at Morson participate in a Q&A focused on how businesses are improving mental wellbeing in the workplace and why it is so important.

Rebekah Lee, Head of Marketing at Morson International, reveals:

“Our mental health first aiders programme is an exciting initiative that establishes individuals as touch points throughout the Morson Group, enabling them to connect with those struggling with mental illness – both within our internal workforce and wider contractor base – and to be that first step in accessing the support they need.”

“A survey we conducted last year revealed that almost half (46 per cent) of employees living with a mental health condition hide it from their employer and colleagues. By breaking down the barriers and demonstrating that the health and wellbeing of our staff is a priority here at Morson, our first aiders are trained to recognise subtle changes in behaviour and to approach individuals, intervene and listen, and then signpost them towards appropriate support.”

Read more about the findings from our mental health survey here

“The programme works together with our existing counselling services, stress management and support, ensuring a personalised approached since there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to mental health. Additionally, our vital safety units now discuss mental health and wellbeing during their health and safety conversations to ensure we’re reaching even the most remote locations.”

As part of Morson’s mental health awareness programme, we released a whitepaper in conjunction with World Mental Health Day 2018 and pledged our support in stamping out stigma and creating inclusive, equal and diverse workplaces.To download the whitepaper, please click here.

Find out more about our mental wellbeing initiatives by downloading our whitepaper which includes more insights from our contractor survey supported by powerful personal stories of our own employees and ex-Morson sponsored boxer Ricky Hatton.