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Morson Partner With Innovative Recruitment Technology Sniper AI

  • Publish Date: Posted over 2 years ago
  • Author: James Kenealey

​Morson have partnered with Recruitment SMART and their game-changing recruitment sourcing and screening technology, Sniper AI.

As part of our commitment to utilising the latest technology to aid in the recruitment process and following on from our further development of our end-to-end recruitment platform Vencuro, Morson have partnered with the system to improve our service offering to clients. The partnership will initially be in the form of a three month pilot period to enable integration with existing in-house systems and processes.

With the recruitment process often slowed down by the labour-intensive process of sorting through a vast number of applications, SniperAI provides a game-changing technology that incorporates machine learning and auto screening to match job specifications to potential candidate CV’s at rapid speed. The technology can also leverage CV’s from older applications, meaning that potentially suitable historic applicants can still be matched with newer roles. This allows recruiters to spend time in candidate engagement rather than sourcing.

Furthermore, the Sniper AI technology removes any bias in terms of gender, age, background and more, which helps achieve greater diversity in the workplace.

Some of the other unique features of SniperAI include a candidate skills gap map and training recommendations for candidates based on their latest CV information. The system supports over 100 languages.

SniperAI featured as Recruiter magazine’s Game Changer technology in 2017.

Ultimately, the system aims to save time, waste and further streamline the recruitment process, offering cost savings that are transferrable to clients.

“We have chosen to partner with RecruitmentSMART because we believe the solution to be the most advanced and agile AI solution for recruitment in the market right now. We expect an almost immediate return on investment, as well as improved service to our many clients. The recruitment market is growing at an increasing rate due to skills shortages, emerging markets and an aging workforce. Like Morson, businesses are constantly upgrading their IT systems to meet the challenge of sourcing candidates quicker and more cost-effectively.” - Stinus Andersen, head of information systems at Morson

“As a leader in Recruitment Process Outsourcing, we are delighted to welcome Morson Group as a new client. Enterprise-ready Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning for recruitment is rapidly changing how talent acquisition is done by freeing up recruiter time that may now be utilised to enhance both candidate and client experiences. We feel our SniperAI technology is a great fit for the business and their existing suite of recruitment technology, and we look forward to forming a great partnership.” - Kurt van den Eynden, Director of Sales 

"As and early pioneer of AI technology, we understand, better than most, the evolving role of talent acquisition and the opportunity for AI to support the fast moving talent industry, and have seen the immediate impact our technology has had on organisations of all sizes." - Yusuf Jazakallah, Co-Founder at Recruitment Smart

We're committed harnessing the power of innovative technology to improve our service for clients and candidates alike. Read more about our bespoke recruitment technology Vencuro