Liam Taylor v Tyrone Nurse | Pre-Fight Interview

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Morson caught up with Liam Taylor ahead of his rematch with Tyrone Nurse on VIP Promotions’ show at Victoria Warehouse this Saturday. Taylor’s only loss in his career so far came at the hands of Nurse back in 2015 and even though this fight was made fairly abruptly, it’s an opportunity the Manchester-based boxer couldn’t turn down:

“I’ve been on to Steve Wood to get me a decent level fight for quite a while but he was struggling. I went to America with my teammate, Terry Flanagan to do some sparring at the Wild Card gym and whilst I was out there, Steve rang me up and asked if I wanted to fight Tyrone Nurse and I said definitely. The next day they accepted it and that was only two weeks ago but I knew I had a big fight coming up that’s why I stayed fit and Tyrone was scheduled to fight this weekend anyway so he’s fit.”

Given the backstory of the first fight and the added stakes of Saturday’s fight, it’s clear that this isn’t a match that is hard for Liam to get motivated for:

“It’s the best of both worlds, it’s an eliminator for the British Title and I get to fight someone who beat me three years ago and I hold my hands up, he beat me well. Again, that was a short notice fight for me, this time it’s an equal playing ground”

Most great athletes only experience their full potential once they’ve tasted what the feeling of defeat feels like and Taylor believes that this is definitely the case for him with his growth being evident in his recent performances:

“That loss has benefitted me more than what it may look like. I got injured two fights after that, I sat down and made the decision to link up with Steve Maylett. I’ve been with him for two years, I’ve improved with every fight and everyone who sees me can’t believe how different I am and that will tell on fight night.”

Steve Maylett has achieved great success with Terry Flanagan and it seems that he is also bringing the best out of Liam, who described specifically what has changed about his style over the years:

“I’d say I’m still aggressive, I have a high work rate but I’m quite intelligent with it now, I decide when I work and when I don’t work. It’s going to be an exciting fight, there’s no doubt about that and I will be putting the pressure on Tyrone”

With five finishes in his last five fights, it’s clear that Taylor has the ability to give any Welterweight problems, but he doesn’t feel overly reliant on his power:

“I wouldn’t look at it that way, Tyrone definitely has a good chin he’s never been stopped and he’s been in there with big punchers. He’s going to have to match me with the pace I’m going to set and he’s going to have to be switched on for the full ten rounds. I’m not looking for a knockout, I’m looking for a good boxing match and on Saturday night that’s what we’ll get”

We at Morson wish Liam the best of luck in his British title eliminator this Saturday night.