employer branding checklist


"75% of Job Seekers Consider an Employer's Brand Before Applying for a Job" | Our 10 Step Checklist for Creating a Strong Employer Brand

Jessica Tabinor employer branding

employer branding checklist

An employer brand showcases an organisation as an employer. Creating an employer brand and promoting your company as an employer of choice positions you to attract, recruit and retain your ideal employee’s.

Creating an employer brand is about showing candidates what your company can offer. Practically, it can be a powerful business tool to create a more productive workforce and position your organisation for long-term success.

Employer branding is no longer an option for businesses, it’s a must. Digitalisation now means that candidates can easily get an impression of your business through a wide variety of networks and platforms. Your employer brand is a window into your business and should clearly embody your organisation's values and culture in order to attract top talent. 
Regardless of the sector that you operate in or the size of your company, creating an engaging employer brand will significantly help when it comes to hiring new staff and retaining your best talent.


We've put together a 10 step checklist for creating a strong employer brand: 

1. Use social media to promote your brand.

2. Listen to employee feedback and implement change.

3. Ensure branding and anything customer facing is consistent and aligned with your brand values.

4. Engage with your customers regularly, whether that be via email, blogs, announcements or traditional methods.

5. Reply to your customer's queries, remember the customer is always right.

6. Don't dismiss review sites like Glassdoor, potential candidates look at them and form opinions.

7. Invest in leadership development within your organisation to ensure consistency from the top.

8. Embrace diversity and inclusivity to create an inclusive culture where each employee feels that they are valued and can contribute is key to business success.

9. Value your employees.

10. Keep up to date with current industry trends to stay ahead of the competition.


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