Top Tips for Starting a New Job


Top Tips for Starting a New Job | #YouGotTheJob

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Top Tips for Starting a New Job

Following on from our Back to Basics series where we shared our top tips from interview prepping to how to write a cover letter, we decided the advice shouldn’t just stop when you’ve secured that all important new role. So we are now going to be sharing some blogs around what to expect and what do to when you’ve got the job.

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First up, our top tips on how to prepare for your first day in a new role:


With more work commuters than ever before, it is almost guaranteed that whether you’re getting the train, tram, driving or cycling, you will hit some sort of traffic on your way. Make sure you plan for this and you know the hot spots for where you potentially could get stuck. The last thing you want is to be late on your first day at a new job.


We’re firm believers that when you’re stressed, organisation is your best friend. On your first day, you may need to take in documents such as your passport, work permit, medical questionnaire etc. If so, you want to make sure that all of the paperwork is completed and in your bag ready to hand over the next day.


One thing that is sure to impress your boss is if you’re well prepared on your first day. It’s often said that once you’ve secured a role you’ve passed the hard part, although those interviews are vital to securing a role, you still need to make sure you’re always on the ball if you want to do well and develop. You want to make the best first impression possible so think of some ideas or propose some tasks you would like to do in the next few months to show you’re fully engaged.


Between the excitement and nerves, it’s understandable that you might not get the best night’s sleep the day before you start a new job. But it’s important that you at least try! Put away your notes and relax away from your phone for a couple of hours before bed. Go to bed at a decent time with your alarm set for the morning and fingers crossed you’ll be out for the count ready for the exciting day ahead.


It’s likely that your manager will introduce you to all of the relevant people you need to know, but to get a good feel for a company it’s a good idea to make your own connections. This especially applies if you work in a role such a project management or HR where you have to liaise with different people from different teams around the business. But most of all, it’s nice to make friends and get to know people!


Settling into a new way of working with new processes and systems can be daunting but your manager and colleagues will understand that too. Everyone has been in the same situation that you are in so the best advice you could get would be to drive straight into the work you’ve been given and handle the tough jobs first. You’ve got this!

Overall the most important thing to remember is to be yourself and enjoy it, this is the start of a new and exciting opportunity!

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