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The Importance of Monitoring Success to Deliver HS2 | #SkillsOnTrack

Jessica Tabinor Hinkley Point Project

Delivering HS2

There is an ongoing discussion in the industry relating to the skills gap an how we need to strengthen our UK skills base through apprenticeships, diversity and social engagement. HS2 Ltd’s strategic objectives in relation to skills provide a structure for mitigating this gap, however, there are still challenges associated with achieving all of the targets set. 

To understand these challenges, we hosted a roundtable event held at the National College High-Speed Rail (NCHSR’s) Birmingham Campus, which brought together representatives from the Morson Group, HS2 Ltd and the supply chain to discuss the issues and opportunities around training, apprenticeships, collaboration, Government policy and more.

We take a closer look at some of our findings surrounding monitoring success: 


There is not currently a facility for monitoring apprenticeships, upskilling and other SEE activity centrally, leading to concerns around:

  • Administration intensive and complex reporting requirements.
  • Siloed activity across the HS2 contractors.
  • Difficulties in understanding the total project outcomes.
  • Lack of cohesion with relevant training providers and outreach programmes.

Reporting on the success of an organisation’s SEE outputs is a complex task and requires a significant amount of time and resources to pull this information together. This, coupled with no central facility for the submission of SEE output information, also creates challenges in monitoring skills, education and employment success throughout the project’s lifecycle.


We must integrate project-wide reporting and tracking models packaged within the right software to monitor progress across all phases. A central technology that can both track apprentices and also connect training requirements with training providers, will monitor whether SEE targets are not only met, but also if they are exceeding expectations. A bespoke reporting system will also provide consistent, accurate and real-time reporting at the touch of a button, allowing HS2 Ltd to track apprenticeships and SEE outputs throughout the project lifecycle and give contractors the opportunity to view individual and project-wide data. This data is critical to reporting on the long-term objectives of HS2 and the lasting legacy of the project across different regions, such as:

  • How many apprentices complete their qualification and progress into the industry.
  • The number of candidates from a workless background that remain employed on the project post 26 weeks.
  • The percentage of the workforce that successfully complete a mid-career transition.

Through our in-house systems team, we already have the capability to develop this technology on a project-wide basis.

Download our whitepaper to read more about the solutions that are needed if we are to achieve HS2’s vision of being a catalyst for growth across Britain. Or click here to find your opportunity on HS2.