#TeamMorson Lauren Stringer and Amber Bailey look to lead Chester FC Women’s team to further success

Jamal Niaz women in sport


The women’s football season is well underway which means two of Morson’s sponsored athletes are back in action. Chester FC Women’s team enjoyed a successful season last year, winning the Cheshire Women’s league and Cheshire Women’s challenge cup. The team were led by Team Morson’s Lauren Stringer and Amber Bailey who serve as the club’s Captain and Vice-Captain respectively.

Team captain, Lauren Stringer spoke about what qualities are needed for such an influential role:

 “You can’t be napping for five minutes, you always need to be switched on and encourage others around you”

Women’s football has seen a rise in popularity and coverage over the last few years and vice-captain, Amber Davies explains how this is affecting the next generation of female athletes:

“I think there’s a massive shift. I speak to girls now who are looking at us as role models and they can name every women’s footballer in the major league. For younger ages, they have female role models, they don’t just watch men’s football."

Whilst women’s football is becoming a lot more accessible it wasn’t always this way. Lauren addressed the initial barriers she faced when growing up:

“I didn’t start playing until I was 10 and that was the only local girls team that was under 12s. Had there been teams around me, I could have started playing earlier rather than knocking around with the boys in the playground at school.”

Finally, the pair spoke about their individual aspirations for the upcoming season with both players sharing a common aim:

Lauren stated “In my first season for Chester I scored a lot of goals from set pieces and last season I didn’t get quite as many as I’d like. A personal goal for me is to get on that scoresheet a bit more and make the most of our set pieces”

Amber added “For me it’d be the same, I want to get on the scoresheet a bit more. I was the third top scorer last season, I want to aim for top scorer this season”

All of Morson is hoping that Lauren and Amber lead Chester to further success this season and will be following their continued progress throughout the season.