How to Successfully Engage Top Tech Talent During the Application Process


How to Successfully Engage Top Tech Talent During the Application Process

Jessica Tabinor Digital

How to Successfully Engage Top Tech Talent During the Application Process

In this digital age of innovation and advanced technology, candidates are expecting a fast and efficient process when conducting everyday tasks, and this extends to applying for a job.

The introduction of auto-filled forms and ‘one click apply’ services now means that professionals are expecting a quick and user-friendly application process from start to finish. Employers need to have their processes streamlined if they want to attract the best talent, especially top tech talent.

Keeping tech talent engaged is a challenge for most companies, they want to be able to unleash their creativity, be constantly trained and developed to learn new skills and most of all, see the positive effect that their work is having on the business. These are all brilliant ambitions to have as a candidate, but it can be difficult for an employer to continually deliver on these requests 24/7.

So, if your company wants to attract and retain the best tech talent, keep them fully engaged and motivated whilst doing so, read our top tips below:

Fine tune the first touch point

The job advert and application are possibly the first glimpse the candidate will have to find out more about your company, you want to make it count. Gone are the days of lengthy job descriptions, keep it short and snappy, put yourself into the candidate’s shoes and think about what they would like to see – could it be interactive?

Now turn to the technology…

Invest in systems and applications to shorten the application process

Most candidates will consider abandoning their application if it takes over 15 minutes to complete so streamlining your application process and using intelligent software is vital. Advanced technologies can not only show that you’re a switched-on employer with innovation at the core of your business but also that you are trying to make the application process as easy and straightforward as you can. For example, IBM has developed unique software called Watson Candidate Assistant to enhance its hiring process and provide candidates with a better experience.

Build a community

If you create an environment that people enjoy coming to and they will do just that. By developing a modern work culture offering perks such as flexible working, a relaxed dress code, high-tech equipment etc, you will attract a higher calibre of candidates.

Build a community both within your business both internally and externally when candidates learn something new about the company.

Develop your employer brand  

An essential part of the candidate attraction process is ensuring a positive brand experience when potential employees interact with your company. Developing a unique and engaging employer brand will ensure you attract high-quality candidates that want to work at your company. Your employer brand should reflect the employment experience at your company so it’s a good idea to try to develop a theme which resonates with your target new-hire demographic e.g. tech talent!

Speaking of employer branding…

Do you want to know how you can increase retention and attract top talent for your business? We've created an #EmployerBranding guide to help you do just that. Download the free guide here.