The Journey to Jeddah: In Training Camp with Callum Smith

Jamal Niaz Callum Smith


Team Morson’s Callum Smith is well underway with his training camp ahead of a huge World Boxing Super Series final against George Groves. We caught up with the Scouse Super-Middleweight and he described the relief he feels after what has been a long journey to getting this match made:

“It feels good, there was a lot of speculation over replacements with his injury and that was the frustrating part. It wasn’t a case of where the fight was going to be as long as it was against George Groves”

Smith highlighted that winning the Ali Trophy isn’t the only thing at stake as Groves’ WBA title will also be on the line on September 29th:

“I entered this tournament to become a world champion and if George leaves the tournament he takes his title with him”

The final is taking place in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to the surprise of many fight fans and coach, Joe Gallagher offered his thoughts on the location of the fight:

“Obviously it’s a different part of the world not many of us have been to but we’ve got good people looking after us over there. For it to happen in a place where there’s not been much boxing before is unique and hopefully the fight lives up to the occasion and the venue”

Callum has begun sparring with just five weeks left until fight night. This is the business part of training camp and Gallagher emphasised the magnitude of this world class matchup:

“George Groves and Shane McGuigan will be plotting a game plan to win just like me and Callum are. This is what makes the fight so exciting, both can punch hard with either hand and we will see what happens on the night”

Even though George Groves will be Callum’s toughest opponent to date, the undefeated Liverpudlian believes this is now his time to show the world how good he is:

“George Groves hasn’t faced anyone like me especially in a long time. I don’t think his opponents as of late have been anywhere near as good as me”

Callum has seen his brothers fight on huge world stages before with one of the highlights being Liam Smith facing Canelo Alvarez in front of 50,000 fans at the colossal AT&T Stadium in Dallas. The Super Series finalist believes that even though this will be the biggest stage he will have competed on, the experience of being around big fight atmospheres has mentally prepared him for the 29th of September:

“I’ve been around those types of fights and I’ve always said that would help me for when it does become my time. Thankfully it is my time now… all the focus is on me and I have no worries that I will perform”

With just over a month left until one of the biggest Boxing events of the year, Team Morson will continue to follow Callum Smith’s journey to Jeddah in the coming weeks.

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