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The Engineers That Make Your Summer Holiday A Reality At Manchester Airport

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Manchester airport jobs

Jetting 27 million+ passengers to 210 destinations each year is an increasingly complex operation and requires top talent with a specific set of skills. The Manchester Airports Group (MAG) looks to its 22,200 people working within Manchester Airport to not only keep passengers moving around the clock, but to drive efficiency, service quality, growth, and mitigate operational issues.

With demand increasing and more people choosing to travel abroad, in Manchester alone, there are a number of projects underway to improve the process of travelling to your holiday destination.

We take a look at the construction projects happening right now to make your trip abroad a smoother and more enjoyable experience…


If you’ve been lucky enough to have already been on your summer holiday this year, you will know that Manchester Airport is currently in the process of going through a major construction revamp. The £1bn transformation is one of the country’s biggest construction projects and aims to boost capacity and make travelling an easier experience for the millions of passengers that fly from and to Manchester Airport.

At the project’s peak, there will be an estimated 1,500 construction workers and 150 apprentices, which have all been recruited locally. Another excellent initiative to encourage young people into construction roles to bridge the ever-concerning skills gap. 

The construction site is vast, covering 900,000 sq. ft. and with a completion date of 2020, therefore a wide range of skills are required to complete the project. This project wouldn’t be possible without the highly skilled selection of engineers that work together. For example, Highways Engineers to plan the infrastructure and access, Drainage Engineers to manage the wastewater and water supplies, Site Managers to supervise the construction site and Project Engineers to oversee the overall project.

We’ve all been there, you’re running late for your flight and arrive at the airport to find painfully long queues and no parking spaces. Once completed, the transformation will provide travellers with more parking spaces, an increased amount of drop off areas and more accessible roads with reduced traffic.


Improvements are being made once you’re inside Manchester Airport too. Design engineers have been working on developing Manchester Airport’s ‘Super Terminal’ following their £1bn expansion. Their plans include having a two-level departures lounge with high-tech security lanes, queue-busting check-in technology and a speedier journey through security, immigration and baggage claim.

The state of the art scanning systems now enables passengers to track their baggage on their smartphone, meaning you never have to worry if your luggage has been lost.                                  

This type of advanced technology requires Systems Engineers to design and implement, Infrastructure Engineers to work on the existing and future technology, including cutting-edge security and threat detection systems. These kind of roles are niche and require a very specific set of skills to be able to manage these innovative technologies.

The development of the new terminal doesn’t just provide benefits for customers, Manchester Airport is hopeful that the new facilities and expansion will attract airlines to add additional long-haul routes to countries such as Asia and America.


Technology is being developed by Aerospace Engineers every day to make your experience whilst you are in the air the most enjoyable it can be. However, a new plane takes more than a decade to put into service and is designed to keep flying for several subsequent decades after. Along with design, they are also responsible for testing and maintenance of the aircraft which we can all appreciate, is a very important factor!

Gone are the days of getting on a flight, having no access to the internet and reading 3 books whilst you are enduring an 8 hour trip to New York. Airlines such as Delta have adopted wireless streaming, high-speed internet and in-flight texting.

Augmented Reality and Game Engineers are developing new innovative technology and soon you will be able to manage your whole travel experience from your smartphone, from pre-ordering a coffee whilst a robot takes you through security to tracking your baggage and booking executive lounge access.   

Are you interested in becoming an engineer and working on innovative projects like this? Search our latest jobs at Manchester Airport Group here.