High Performing Recruiters Enjoy Holiday Treat

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Six of the best performing recruiters from Morson International were treated to a weekend trip as a reward for their continuous improvement and excellence.

Claire Abbot, Paul Stroud, Adam Ritchie, Ben Pascall, Matthew Crook and Joanne Edwards were flown out to Deauville in France with Morson Group CEO Ged Mason to enjoy the weekend and savour the food and drink of the Normandy commune.

On the first day, the group took to the beach for a relaxing day, before heading to the local Honfleur region to sample a seven-course meal and a walk on the docks.

The group then enjoyed a day out at the races, and found themselves scooping 268 in winnings to be shared within the group.

Paul Stroud, of Morson's construction division said "It was great to have a bit of a bet on the horses. I managed to pick 5 out of 6 winners independently of the rest!"

Claire Abbot, who doubled her average placements per month in the second half of 2017 said:

"I really loved the trip. I got to try some foods I'd never tried before and it was great to sit in the restaurant right on the finish line at the races."

Ged Mason added: 

"As an organisation we have always been about treating our employees well. They're the lifeblood of our business and our most important asset. We like to celebrate and reward high earners and those that go above and beyond. It was a pleasure spend some quality time with my colleagues and I look forward to doing it again in the future."