tips recruiters can steal from marketing


4 Tips Recruiters Can Steal From Marketing

Jessica Tabinor recruiters

tips recruiters can steal from marketing

It used to be the case that changing jobs was a momentous decision that happened once every 5-10 years, now people are continuously keeping an eye out for opportunities that may be of interest and switching roles much more regularly.

Much like the candidates searching for a job constantly, recruiters are having to recruit constantly. The tactics that recruiters have traditionally used to develop an effective recruitment process are becoming much more competitive and recruiters are having to think out of the box to stand out from the crowd in a sea of competition.

Through digitalisation, many of the skills used in marketing and recruitment overlap. We take a look at some tips recruiters can steal from marketing to gain a competitive advantage:


Even though you may be making the same phone call 40 times a day, you need to be enthusiastic and interesting to be able to engage candidates and clients. Ultimately, the candidate will decide which recruiters they would prefer to work with, you want to show them how good you are at your job in order to make a good impression. The absolute worst thing you can do is fall into the habit of sounding robotic and boring – a dull recruiter screams ‘you are going to find me a dull job’. 


Successful marketers use various methods to analyse the campaigns, processes and tactics that they use in their campaigns. By doing this they learn from what went well and how to change things to improve next time. Recruiters can adopt this simple task to learn from past hires and employees to strengthen the recruiting process. Some lessons that could potentially be learned are:

  • What advertising platforms worked well?
  • How long did it take to fill a role?
  • How much are you spending per candidate?


Building your network is a key element of most marketing jobs and this can be transferred to recruitment too. Take the opportunity to go to industry events, seminars and conferences to build relationships and most importantly, learn from your competitors. Knowledge sharing (to a certain extent) is great for learning new things. Work out what’s going well for your competitors and make a note of what they could be doing better in order for you to gain a competitive edge by beating them to the finish line. 


In this digital age, marketers have a wide range of platforms up their sleeve to advertise jobs. Make sure you’re using them in the same way that a marketer would advertise a product or service. This includes sharing your jobs on all social media platforms, using related content to engage candidates, writing engaging and creative job ads – the list is endless. If you advertise your job effectively, you’re more likely to attract quality candidates, quickly and easily. 

You can also use some simple SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques when writing your job descriptions such as:

  • Breaking the text up with headings.

  • Including relevant keywords which are related to the job that you are advertising.

  • Making the text as easy to read as possible by using paragraphs and bullet points.

  • Including the job title in the first paragraph of the advert.

These quick and easy techniques will go a long way in ensuring your job ad ranks highly on Google and therefore, is seen by more candidates.

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