Natasha Jonas on boxing, motherhood and women in sport #TeamMorson

Jessica Tabinor Candidate Hub


Morson caught up with professional boxing star and #TeamMorson ambassador Natasha ‘Miss GB’ Jonas on a rare day off. Tash spoke openly about her career ambitions and her most important and challenging role, being a mum. 

Only in her early 30’s Natasha has already had an impressive amateur boxing career and an entry in the record books, becoming the first female British boxer to fight in the Olympic Games in 2012. After turning professional she has had massive success, sensationally beating Taoussy L'Hadji earlier this year at the Echo Arena in her hometown of Liverpool. But, in true Tash style, she’s hungry for more.

“I’d box anywhere as long as it’s a good place, I wouldn’t mind boxing in Madison Square Gardens! The plan has always been the same as it was when I was an amateur, just to be the best boxer that I possibly can be. I think I’ve proved that I’m world-class level so I want go for the world titles and I want to get them as quickly as I can do.”

As part of the BBC Get Inspired programme, Tash, is part of a movement which actively promotes sport and boxing for women. She believes that there has been a shift and less focus is placed on sexualising women in sport, consequently, she enthuses that “it’s a great time for boxing and to be a part of the Matchroom set up to be honest.” As a working mum, Tash has been very open about how sport has helped her confidence and it’s these traits that she is keen to pass down to her daughter. 

“Like my mum did, I just think I will encourage her to be active because I think that there are lots of other things you can learn from that, other than the skill of boxing or the skill of football. You know, I learnt how to work in a team, I learnt how to communicate, I had confidence and I was physically active.”

In a final statement, Tash said: “I want to make a mark and let them know I was there.” 

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