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Morson Gang 'F' Achieve Site Beacon Status on the Russell Square to Holborn Work Site

Rebekah Valero-Lee morson news

morson site beacon status

We are pleased to announce that Morson Gang ‘F’ on the Russell Square to Holborn (WB) work site have achieved Site Beacon Status following the Final Beacon Assessment.

Last week the work group of 15 operatives were tasked with breaking tunnel render and fixing insulation sheeting between tunnel rings and positive rail to prevent earthing out. This activity was observed to have been undertaken in professional and dedicated manner with SSOW well established.

Prior to accessing station to commence work problems encountered with iPad connection but a replacement iPad was obtained to ensure SSOW documentation available on site.

From the platform briefings through to the establishment of the work site, welfare, control of work activities including access of the station, delivery vehicle cordon off and the housekeeping within storage area the assessors were impressed by the work groups commitment to the Beacon ethos.

John Mychajluk, MPD HSE Manager offered his congratulations:

Not only is this indicative of a positive safety culture and self pride in the Site Beacon achievement but ensures the TfL mission of ‘Everybody home safe and healthy every day’ remains a driving force.

My thanks to Morson site personnel and HSE Manager John Camp for their cooperation and of course the proactive input from ‘behind the scenes’ from the TDU team. Hearty congratulations and well done.

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