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It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

The 2017/18 Premier League season, a season that feels strangely as though it ended a long time ago, is over. Even challenging the very definition of the phrase 'one horse race', the title was decided some months ago as the blue side of Manchester romped to 100 points and their 5th title, beating their neighbours by, apparently, around 15 million points. They may as well have finished 4th.

The season proved to have little drama in it, at least at the top. By the final weekend there was only one position of note to decide, and that was whether Liverpool or Chelsea would qualify for the Champions League (the other, of course, consigned to the Europa League). The champions, the rest of the Europa League qualifiers, and the relegated teams were all decided. It was hardly a Hollywood finale.

A Construction Journey

This season we have been on a journey through the world of construction in Premier League stadiums. On our tour we've been to and seen: 

- Manchester City - How some clever engineering has resulted in the resurrection of a club
- West Ham United - How poor engineering has killed a club
- Liverpool  - The rise of a new giant stand behind the old one at a legendary old stadium
- Arsenal - Cool construction projects for old football grounds
- Tottenham Hotspur - The biggest stadium construction project for years 

It's been interesting to see how construction projects have changed the face of clubs' fortunes - look at the difference between Manchester City and West Ham for one startling example. With more projects on the horizon, such as at Chelsea, it'll be interesting to see what effect they have.

The Morson League

There was more drama in the Morson League than the actual Premier League with the winner, Sam Mabbott's Game of Throw-Ins being crowned champion in the final weekend!

Commiserations to our Newcastle United-supporting fleet manager Dave Robinson who managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory after months of comfortably sitting at the top. In scenes that mirror the 1995/1996 Premier League season with startling accuracy, Dave's own Toon Army also failed to capitalise on their dominance in the face of a late surge from below and instead finish in second place. As we approached the final week, we tried to get an interview with Dave but he declined to answer any of our questions, shouting repeatedly instead that he would "love it, love it if we beat them."

Fleet manager Dave reacts

Our winner Hull City-supporting winner Sam was absolutely delighted to be told that we were struggling to get him a signed Hull shirt, and instead settled for a signed Manchester City shirt, reasoning that it would probably be a more attractive proposition on eBay than a shirt signed by a squad who finished 18th in the Championship. Congratulations, Sam. 


Thank you everyone for taking part and following us through the season. The Morson League will return in August!