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5 Minutes with a Morson Recruiter

Our new Recruitment Consultant, Kartik Masalawala has recently joined Morson, bringing with him a wealth of experience from a very interesting background. We sat down with Kartik to bring you 5 minutes with a Morson Recruiter… 

Kartik, I hear you’ve got quite a story to tell in regards to how you got into recruitment?

Yeah, so I trained to be an accountant prior to working at Morson. I went through the full three years at Salford University and achieved my Accounting & Finance degree. Then, two years into my career as an Accountant and only three papers away from fully qualifying and I decided I wanted to become a recruiter!

That’s quite a career change! What made you change your mind?

If I’m honest, I used to look at recruitment roles and I didn’t think they were for me. I didn’t realise you could actually build a really successful career in recruitment and when I started to look into it, I realised how many opportunities there were out there.

After 2 and a half years in accounting roles, I realised that sitting at a desk looking at spreadsheets all day wasn’t for me. So I thought, what else am I good at? I’m good at talking to people, negotiating, and I know the accounting market… recruitment!

Once I started properly looking into the role I realised how much of a good fit it was; I could recruit accountants and have the inside knowledge of what it’s like to work in that specific role. It was the perfect fit.

So what was your first taste of recruitment?

I was speaking to a couple of recruiters who were trying to find me a new accounting job when I made the switch. One of them knew I wasn’t entirely loving the world of accountancy and said to me “you come across really well, if you ever decide you fancy a career change then let me know”. I’d actually already been thinking about recruitment so he arranged a couple of interviews for me.

My first recruitment role was with a financial recruitment company based in Warrington where I recruited for practice accountancy roles. I knew straight away that this was the right job for me.

What attracted you to Morson?

I was contacted by Tom Wowk – Senior Recruitment Consultant who works at Morson and he said that he had been keeping an eye on me and that he would like me to come in to have a chat with some managers.

Initially, it was the size of the company and the direction that it’s moving in. Morson offered me the progression I was looking for at the time. When I pulled up and saw the building, I thought “right okay… this is no small time company”, it was not what I was expecting at all. From the beginning of the interview, I could tell that Morson was the right fit for me.

Have you transferred any skills from your time as an accountant and put them to use at Morson?

Yeah definitely! A client will come to me and say “I’ve got an Assistant Account role I need you to recruit for” and they will list what requirements they have for the specific role. With my previous experience, I can almost predict what they are looking for, I understand the industry terms and know first-hand what it takes to work in accountancy.  I’ve even helped some of my university course mates find jobs!

Finally, your top tips for someone looking for a job in finance?

Number one is always speak to a recruiter before jumping into a role as there are so many different routes to go down in a finance career. Recruiters can look at your situation and evaluate what path is best to take and how you can reach your goals in the most efficient way. Other than that you just need to graft! I’ve always been a great believer that if you put the work in, you get the results out.

My biggest advice to school and college leavers is that if you decide to do a degree, do a sandwich degree. Three words – Experience means everything!

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