Meet the Engineer Video Series | Watch Morson Go Behind the Scenes at Tata Chemicals

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To kick off our Meet the Engineer series Morson were lucky enough to visit Tata Chemicals Europe last week. We had the opportunity to speak to Jon Dean, a Technical Manager for Energy who Morson recruited into the role over 2 years ago.

We experienced a behind the scenes tour of the plant, conducted by Jon, and were able to see first-hand how power is generated.

“I originally started working for Tata about 11 years ago as I worked for them for seven years in chemical manufacturing” Jon explained. “I fancied a bit of a change and then went to work in another industry for a couple of years. That didn’t really work out, it wasn’t as interesting, so I started looking for a new role and Morson helped me find this role at Tata, which I’m really enjoying. I haven’t looked back in the past two years.”

Behind the scenes at TATA Chemicals

Jon invited us for a tour around the plant to find out more information and to film some behind the scenes footage. He explained that the energy generated from the site is used to power the Lostock plant, where chemicals are manufactured on a daily basis.

“This is the Winnington (Combined Heat and Power) CHP plant where the electricity is generated, we’re just going to have a walk around the site, see some of the equipment and meet some of the operations people that maintain and run it.”

We were taken into the Main Control Room where all of the operations are based. Jon explained that this room has the power to control the whole of the plant.

“There’s lots of information being fed back to the operators so that they can run the plant and make sure everything is alright.” On the board, you can see the outlay of the plant, which shows “the two boilers, the steam turbine and then the electrical grid”.

The Main Control Room is constantly manned so that if anything happens such as a breakdown or emergency, there’s always someone who can respond immediately.

Jon reflected at his time at Tata Chemicals Europe…

TATA Chemicals Main Control Room

“I’ve had a lot of opportunities to work on different things whilst I’ve worked at Tata, such as making sure [the plant is] operating as well as it can be, and as efficiently as it can be to support the manufacturing process.”

Whilst walking around the plant, Jon gave us an example of some of the tasks he would complete on a day-to-day basis:

“So in the enclosure here, we’ve got a 16MW steam turbine. I’m currently involved in minor modifications to the steam turbine, the piping from underneath has got to be rerouted as the balance is currently out and the thrust loads are too high. By rerouting some of the pipework, that’s going to allow the load to be balanced better.”

To finish, Jon explains some of the opportunities he has had whilst working at Tata Chemicals Europe:

“I’ve managed groups of people and the people that I have worked with have been really good. There’s quite a lot of experience here and a lot of people with a good sense of humour, which helps wherever you are working.”

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