5 top tips to make your CV stand out

Jessica Tabinor Candidate Hub


Your CV is one of the most important tickets to opening doors in your job search. In an increasingly competitive market, using a variety of attention-grabbing tactics can increase the chance of your CV being noticed and your application being progressed to the next stage. It is believed that on average, it takes a recruiter just 30 seconds to scan your CV and form an opinion.

Utilise the following CV tips to ensure you stand out from the crowd:

Tailor your CV

It’s important to alter your CV in line with the role that you’re applying for, using the job description and company information as a guide. This enables you to respond directly to the job description and explain exactly why you are the right candidate for the role.

To find out more about tailoring your CV, click here.

Include industry-specific keywords

It’s a good idea to check the job description and company website for specific key words and phrases the employer may be looking for. Many companies are now using screening software to perform the first review of applications and check CVs. Including relevant keywords will help ensure that your application passes this first stage.

Show your impact with facts and figures

Many job seekers make bold claims in their CVs, but very few back them up with facts and figures. Demonstrating the scale of your responsibilities by including figures such as the size of budget you have managed or the cost-saving you achieved for your previous company will make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Use bullet points to break up text

To ensure that your CV is easy to read, use bullet points to break up the text. The first look at your CV will usually involve a skim-read of the main points, as recruiters are often pushed for time.

Providing an enjoyable reading experience will grasp the recruiters attention and create a perfect first impression.

Summarise your skills

Including a ‘key skills’ section to your CV is another great way to show that you’re qualified for the job you are applying for. It’s useful to have it near the top of your CV, to show off your most relevant industry experience immediately.

These quick and easy tweaks will improve the quality of your CV, differentiating you from your competition, and ultimately, improve your chances of securing the role you’re applying for.

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