5 lessons to take from the sporting arena to the office

Jessica Tabinor Career Advice

Through the partnership of our Brand Ambassadors, Morson has closely followed the careers of a number of sporting stars and experts during the past year. The ambition and motivation of these athletes is second to none and here at Morson HQ, we have identified that many aspects of their advice can be transferred from the sporting arena to the office.

Here are 5 business tips from sport to help you enhance your career:


    Bryony Frost business tips in sport

The importance of teamwork can sound like a cliché and we’ve all heard how working as part of a team can increase efficiency and quality of output.

Bryony Frost:  I don’t see it as my work, it’s our work. It’s a team, and my job is like the last piece of the puzzle if you like, and I have to make sure it fits. All the teamwork, all the preparation and the passion behind the horse to get him to even be at the racecourse let alone win.

Teamwork is not only the act of working together but is a mentality which you can bring to foster success on even solitary projects.

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    Nathan Gorman business tips from sport

To pursue his dream of becoming a professional boxer, Nathan makes a 100-mile round trip each day to train at Hatton Health and Fitness in Hyde. It’s a commitment the 21-year-old is happy to make as he looks to provide for his young family.

Nathan Gorman: “Every one of the fighters in the gym is ambitious. They all want to strive for the top. There are no superstars in this gym, everyone’s grounded. Committing to a goal and acting on it is more likely to achieve results than simply waiting for things to change.

Achieving a goal doesn’t just happen overnight, it takes hard work and sustained commitment.

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    Ben Sheedy business tips from sports

As a recently turned professional boxer, Ben Sheedy has to juggle training and working full time as a bricklayer to be able to pay the mortgage. This involves getting up at 5am every day to train before he goes off to do a full day of work.

Ben Sheedy: “I boxed for a few years and then when the recession hit and work wasn’t as readily available in Manchester I was doing a lot of travelling to get to work so I couldn’t get to the gym. I was working in the Lake District and Wales, all sorts of places, so I had a few years out and then the minute the work picked up in Manchester and I could be back here regularly, I was straight back in the gym.”

Self-discipline refers to your ability to focus on the set goal without submitting yourself to any distractions that come your way. He admits that “training and then going to work to lay bricks” is “not the easiest thing in the world” but he has the discipline to persevere in order to reach his goals.


A rewarding working life that ensures long-term happiness is certainly the aim of much of the working population. Keeping focused on your ambitions and goals, and asking yourself what it is you want from your career can keep you on the right track to achieving this.

Bryony Frost: We talk about the stereotype of a lot of young girls being into horses at a very young age, but only a small number looking to pursue it as a career and a passion. “In any walk of life, going from hobby to career is a big step-up and it’s tough. You’ve got to go and grab it and know there’s probably going to be a lot of tears. Or you don’t do it and you pursue something that’s maybe a little easier and not quite so dependent on you might not make it.”

Jockey, Bryony Frost understands that you don’t get to where you want to be without hard work and ambition, qualities in which she is definitely not lacking.

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    Sale Sharks business tips from sport

Ex England player and Sale Sharks legend Mark Cueto, who is now the clubs Commercial Director, attests to the similarities between the mindset of sportspeople and business people:

“When you’re in rugby you have no idea how transferrable the skills that you’re learning are. A lot of it is really simple. For me, I worried that I wasn’t corporate enough to enter the business world, but a lot of it comes down to what you’ve learnt from rugby. You work hard, you set yourself goals and you have to work well with people – and this has put me in good stead”

“When I’m going out getting sponsorship from the club it’s incredible the amount of businesses I speak to who don’t just want an advertising board, they want to be able to bring their staff down to Carrington for our players to give them tips on teamwork and organisation. Essentially marketing and sales strategies are game plans.”

Cueto’s example just shows how important a sporting/team mentality can be in terms of succeeding in business and this knowledge is something that companies are actively trying to learn from sports teams. Mark also mentions that he’d love to go into business with Ged Mason, so our CEO needs to watch out for Cueto’s application!

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