The Morson Fantasy Football League Hots Up | We Interview The Winners (and Losers) On the Race to the Title

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We’re fast approaching the business end of the season. Champions League knockout stages are over and there are just two surviving teams from England – Liverpool and, of course, Manchester City, both of whom we have featured in our construction blogs this season.

The Premier League title race might have been over pretty much since December (less of a race, more of a time trial) but there’s no such comfort in the Morson Fantasy Football League. Despite being clear at the top since well before Christmas himself, Morson Group fleet manager David Robinson has seen his lead cut to just 13 points as we enter the final few gameweeks. Paul Stroud from the construction division is further down the pack in 60th, or just on the fringes of the Champions League (relatively speaking). We caught up with Dave and Paul and had a chat about the season, and found out which football legends they’d most like to work with.

The season is nearly over. Dave, you’ve been dominating for quite some time and Paul you’re in the top fifth of the league. Best bits of business?

Dave: Buying Mo Salah, definitely. My son Harry is a big Liverpool fan and it was definitely a good piece of advice! Funnily enough, the only match I’ve been to this season was at Anfield, to see Liverpool v Newcastle United, my team. We lost.

Paul: Having Harry Kane and Kevin de Bruyne in the side from day one.

What was your worst bit of business?

Dave: Selling Sergio Aguero! I’m not sure why I did that but it wasn’t the best move. But you have a budget limit so I had no choice.

Paul: Taking too long to put Salah in the team… or Lewis Dunk for 3 own goals and counting… or putting Alexis Sanchez in assuming he’d be a star at Man Utd. Plenty of tales of woe to be honest!

Where do you think you’ll finish in the table?

Paul: Strongly. I pay too much attention to tail off.

Dave: I had the honour of being top of the league over the Christmas period which was amazing. I can’t see me being there at the end of the season so a top 10 finish would still be a great result. Fingers crossed!

Who do you support in real life and where do you think they will finish in the league?

Dave: Newcastle United. And anywhere above the relegation zone will do!

Paul: Oldham Atheltic season ticket holder. We’ll finish two places above the League One relegation zone, 19th. Hold on, is Fantasy Football not real life?!

If you could meet any former or current footballer, who would it be and why?

Dave: It would have to be Sir Bobby Charlton. A fabulous player and a true gentleman off the pitch. What stories he could tell!

Paul: Oh, Gazza. His stories would be incredible!

Which player or manager, former or current, would you pick to have in your team at work and why?

Dave: I was going to say Cristiano Ronaldo then I remembered he likes to crash Ferrari’s! Let’s go with Claudio Ranieri, he managed to take a team of Ford Mondeos and win the Premier league whilst beating the teams of Ferrari’s and Aston Martin’s on the way. A real fleet manager’s answer!

Who will get promoted from the Championship to the Premier League?

Paul: Wolves, Cardiff and Fulham

Dave: Wolves, Cardiff and Aston Villa

Who’s going the other way?

Paul: West Brom, West Ham and Huddersfield Town.

Dave: West Brom, Southampton and Huddersfield Town.

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