The Key to This Business is Personal Relationships

Rebekah Valero-Lee Professional Services


The key to this business is personal relationships’ (Dickie Fox, Jerry Maguire).

Ben Fitzgerald, our Head of Professional Services talks recruitment, change and why it pays to be the good guy. 


I know people have various reactions to that word – some good, some bad.

However, I want to get the facts straight. There will always be some bad apples in every industry but I want to bring to light how at Morson we’re different, along with my story and how I got here.

Before Morson, I was at a start-up which grew considerably and was a fantastic place to work, but every growth is limited without an endless access to resources. Morson has the ‘full service’ and an exceptional track record in the engineering sector. In spite of this, I wanted to bring something else to the table – professional services.

Personally, I’ve worked across three different skills sets within professional services – finance, IT & Digital and Marketing as well as running a delivery team across HR, Procurement & Supply Chain. The biggest things I learnt across all those areas was honesty is the best policy and to be yourself. This is something we’re driving across the division here at Morson and we’re ensuring integrity is at the forefront of our service.

I want to develop and create a new name for professional services, give our clients the chance to come on a journey with us – one which ensures top talent at all levels. We not only have adaptability but also the longevity of relationships, some would say it’s our USP. As a family business, Morson incorporates honesty and integrity combined and our reputation is evidence of that.

Although some recruiters don’t listen, return calls or tend to bend the truth, that’s not us. Times are changing in the recruitment realm, and we’re moving at record pace.

Our end goal is both sides being open to adapt in order for everyone’s ideal outcomes to align. Come on a journey with us and when you hear ‘Morson recruiters’, I assure you, your initial reaction will only be good.

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