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Morson Projects Achieve EASA Approved STC (Supplementary Type Certificate)

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Morson Projects now have an EASA Approved STC (Supplementary Type Certificate) which provides a solution for ADS-B Out functionality on the Rockwell Collins avionics equipped HS125 Series 700A & 700B, BAe 125 Series 800A & 800B, Hawker 800 and Hawker 750, 800XP, 850XP & 900XP aircraft.

As of 7th June 2020, FAA and EASA will make it a mandatory requirement that all aircraft flying must be equipped with an upgraded version of ABS-B out.

ADS-B uses surveillance technology in order to pinpoint the exact position and groundspeed information of a plane using a network of satellites. This data is then transmitted to air traffic control ground stations and to other aircraft automatically.

ADS-B Out periodically broadcasts information about each aircraft such as identification, current position, altitude, and velocity, through an on-board transmitter. ADS-B Out provides air traffic controllers with real-time position information that is, in most cases, more accurate than the information available with current radar-based systems.

Syd Carson, Business Development Director, explains: “This is a significant milestone for Morson Projects and cements our capabilities and credibility in the aviation industry.”

Morson Projects, the Morson Group’s specialist engineering solution provider, has recently recruited highly experienced aviation engineers to boost its capabilities in aircraft modifications and upgrades.

Morson Projects were granted Part 21 Subpart J Design Organisation Approval (DOA) from the European Aviation Standard Agency (EASA) in the summer of 2017. Following a stringent application and review process, the team is now authorised to deliver minor and major repairs and changes to aircraft large and small, including avionics, cabin, electrical, environmental control and structural.

EASA is responsible for regulating civilian aviation safety across Europe to promote the highest standards of safety and environmental protection. The agency advises on EU legislation, implements and monitors safety rules and approves organisations to design, manufacture and maintain aircrafts.

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