The Nuclear New Build Skills Map – Where do you fit in?

Rebekah Valero-Lee Power, Nuclear and Utilities


Have you heard of Hinkley Point C, the nuclear power station set to provide 25,000 jobs? Positively, Hinkley is just one part of the growth in UK infrastructure planned over the next decade. Therefore this unprecedented increase brings with it a high demand for skills, with a hundreds of nuclear contract jobs needing to be filled.

How are these nuclear contract jobs going to be filled?

In 2015, the government outlined common goals for the nuclear industry, with a key aim to develop a pipeline of skills to meet future demands. The government also pledged to employ a predominantly UK based workforce, cultivate global quality training and nuclear expertise and diversify the workforce by increasing the proportion of women. If these goals are worked towards, we see these actions as demonstrating very positive steps to sustaining employment for many in the UK.

Is there an opportunity at Hinkley for you?

The below diagram highlights the categories of skills required and where you can fit in:


nuclear contract jobs


Where do I fit in?

In order to meet the nuclear skills demand, a diversity of skills is needed.

There are three distinct groups:

Tier 1Generic Skills

These include candidates who have ready market skills primarily in construction. This is where the 90% of the skills gap lies. Therefore, to fill this demand for nuclear contract jobs we are looking to recruit from beyond the nuclear sector. Candidates will be considered who have backgrounds from many different sectors, from rail to aerospace. To see if your skills and experience are transferable to the nuclear sector read our recent blog on transferable skills which highlights job opportunities and outlines solutions to the burning questions over this skills gap.

Tier 2Nuclear Skills

These are candidates with skills specific to the nuclear sector. For instance, Nuclear Safety Case Engineers are responsible for providing safety case advice during the design, operation and decommissioning of nuclear facilities and for the production of all nuclear safety documentation. As a Nuclear Safety Case Engineer you can expect to earn up to £70k.

Tier 3 – Subject Matter Experts

Here we are looking for candidates who have specialist skills which have been gained over a long period of time. Their subject matter is nuclear focused with expertise in various programs and processes. Train up to be a Nuclear Effects Subject Matter Expert and you can expect a salary from £45k – £100K.

If you’re interested in roles at Hinkley Point C, click here or our nuclear new builds, click here.

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