Hinkley Point C in Numbers

Rebekah Valero-Lee Power, Nuclear and Utilities


We’ve all heard of the UK’s newest nuclear power station, Hinkley Point C. But what are all the dates and figures? Find out below with Hinkley Point C by numbers.

hinkley point c by numbers
As you can see in our Hinkley Point C by Numbers info graphic, the long awaited power plant is making a big statement, especially with the intent to deliver 7% of the UK’s electricity when most other nuclear power stations will have closed down. However, with the full construction costing £18billion and lasting 10 years, we want to hear that it will make a last impression in the UK. In terms of employment, it will have an impact by creating over 25,000 new employment opportunities from start to finish. Construction is underway, so Hinkley Point C will definitely remain on our radars for years to come.

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