Watch Now: The Sale Sharks Squad Mean Business

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What does the future of our rugby stars look like after a sporting career? We talk to the Sale Sharks squad about business, how they can teach you to be more successful and their individual future plans.

While filming our #careergoals series with the boys at Sale Sharks it became increasingly apparent how skills gained in rugby are readily transferrable into business environments. Through training, preparation and matches, each of the players display huge amounts of motivation, drive and a true team mentality.

Ex England player and Sale Sharks legend Mark Cueto, who is now the clubs Commercial Director, attests to the similarities between the mindsets of sportspeople and business people:

‘When you’re in rugby you have no idea how transferrable the skills that you’re learning are. A lot of it is really simple. For me, I worried that I wasn’t corporate enough to enter the business world, but a lot of it comes down to what you’ve learnt from rugby. You work hard, you set yourself goals and you have to work well with people – and this has put me in good stead’

‘When I’m going out getting sponsorship from the club it’s incredible the amount of businesses I speak to who don’t just want an advertising board, they want to be able to bring their staff down to Carrington for our players to gives them tips on team work and organisation. Essentially marketing and sales strategies are game plans.

Cueto’s example just shows how important a sporting/team mentality can be in terms of succeeding in business and this knowledge is something that companies are actively trying to learn from sports teams. Mark also mentions that he’d love to go into business with Ged Mason, so our CEO needs to watch out for Cueto’s application!



It was clear during filming that one of the downsides of playing sport professionally is having a shelf life. However, with each of the squad that we interviewed having solid plans for their futures outside of rugby, these boys show their talent in and out of the sport.

Dave Seymour is already a coffee entrepreneur embarking on a future in the retail industry with his wholesale business Couch Grind Coffee. On a more academic level Jonny Leota is studying for his bachelor’s degree in Relationship Management as well as taking on personal training qualifications, even though he admits he’s not a very academic person.

However, we’re most excited by the prospect of Byron McGuigan opening an alcoholic milkshake bar – we hope it happens – watch this space.



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