Triple H – Monster UK Infrastructure Projects to Wrestle With

Rebekah Valero-Lee Building, Construction and Infrastructure


No, this isn’t a wrestling blog – we’re talking UK infrastructure projects (we promise, it’s equally as exciting). The three H’s are traditionally designated as Hinkley, HS2 and Heathrow, however, we think the highways sector deserves to get in the ring with the greats.

Our Triple H, Hinkley, HS2 and Highways, are the three biggest UK infrastructure projects planned to be delivered over the next 20 years. Bringing with them intense competition for skilled resource, the Triple H will fuel a fantastic amount of opportunities in the UK job market – maybe something will get you inspired in the new year. Expected growth across these UK infrastructure projects will create a demand for over 250,000 construction workers and over 150,000 engineering workers by 2020.

The Triple H of Hinkley, HS2 and Highways signals that the future of the UK infrastructure industry is looking bright, starting in 2018.


Hinkley Point C

Location: Somerset

Project: This year Hinkley Point C became the first site licensed for a nuclear new build in the UK in 30 years. Hinkley will not only provide a big economic boost to the area but it will also create over 25,000 skilled jobs.

Benefits: In 2015, the government outlined common goals for the nuclear industry, with a key aim to develop a pipeline of skills to meet future demands. The government also pledged to employ a predominantly UK based workforce, cultivate global quality training and nuclear expertise and diversify the workforce by increasing the proportion of women. If these goals are worked towards, we see these actions as demonstrating very positive steps to sustaining employment for many in the UK. This ties in with our Morson Pledge, whereby we aim to double our number of female contractors by 2020.

Opportunities: The site will require 3 tiers of skills – generic skills (labourers, joiners and welders), nuclear skills (civil engineers / nuclear safety case engineers) and subject matter experts (safety and risk managers / multi-discipline layout engineers). Use our Nuclear New Build Skills Map to find your opportunity.



Location: London, Birmingham, East Midlands, Leeds and Manchester

Project: In February this year, the parliamentary bill for the first phase of HS2, received Royal Assent. HS2 is a high-speed railway that will run from London to Leeds and Manchester in a Y-shape from 2033. There are high expectations for this project, with Chris Grayling (Transport Secretary in 2016) saying “HS2 will be the world’s most advanced passenger railway and the backbone of our rail network”.

Benefits: HS2 will be the biggest project of its kind in the country. Jobs required to complete the project will range from engineers and railway technicians to designers and construction workers in a variety of locations. The project is set to completely transform the rail and transport industry.

Opportunities: With rail personnel being highly sought after to fulfill roles across all divisions, popular roles include Geotechnical Engineer, Project Directors, Senior Planning Engineers and Quality Managers.

The beauty of HS2 however, is that the project has generated a wealth of jobs which do not require rail experience. From management to marketing find your opportunity with HS2 even if you don’t have experience in the rail sector.



Location: UK wide

Project: With total investment in the roads sector set to increase by 20% to nearly £6bn per annum in the next four years, there is a new found focus on this “a once in a generation” highways investment programme. Excitingly, as the world turns increasingly to digital methods, there will be a demand for new types of skills as intelligent infrastructure technology becomes part of mainstream delivery solutions.

Benefits: The challenge to increase the current highways workforce by 50% within the next four years comes with an array of opportunities available all over the country. In addition, the promise of more and stable investment could provide the impetus for the sector to invest in the people and equipment needed.

Opportunities: These opportunities can be all around the country and range from highways supervisors, project managers, ground workers and quantity surveyors.

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