How to Maintain The Holiday Work Life Balance

Rebekah Valero-Lee Candidate Advice


First things first, a work life balance isn’t just healthy, it’s good for business too. However, during the festive season all we want to do is singalong to Mariah and eat party food. But, in all seriousness, we still need to get the job done despite all these inherent distractions. For that reason, we give you a few tips to help with the balance…

Don’t power through it

This is something we are all guilty of – not focusing on ourselves. But we don’t need an expert to work out that we can’t work at our best if our mind and body isn’t at its best also. It’s essential to get enough sleep, undergo exercise and have the mind-set in which you know your self-worth and when to slow down. Learning how to say ‘no’ can also be a life-changer (you don’t have to attend every mulled win outing!).

Get organised

As well as maybe not trying to see every single person you know over the festive season, one thing that will help is organisation. Schedule some time in for shopping, wrapping and those niggly bits you need to get done so that when the special day comes around, you can take a back seat, or maybe that’s wishful thinking. Either way, staying on top of your tasks means that on Christmas Eve you’re not running in and out of every shop and your stress levels aren’t hitting the roof. Have a plan, that always helps.

Enjoy what matters the most

All in all, you can’t please everyone over the Christmas period. Therefore, spend the time doing what you enjoy the most, everything else can wait. We need to identify our priorities and what’s most important to us, then go from there. Maybe make a list, one that truly reflects your priorities, not someone else’s. Then draw firm boundaries so you can devote quality time to these priorities. Instead of going down a time-wasting spiral, like our Facebook feed, we should be spending time doing what matters. The idea about having it all is a myth – focus on activities you specialise in and value most over the festive season.

Ultimately, take responsibility, like speaking up when demands are too much – it’s a crazy time of year for everyone. You can control the work life balance.