Crolla’s Christmas Crackers: Tips From The Top

Rebekah Valero-Lee morson sport


As sponsors of champion boxer Anthony Crolla, at Morson we’ve been lucky enough to personally follow his career this year, document the highs and lows and pick up some tips to success along the way.

Million Dollar Crolla started the year off a title down but has battled back, finishing 2017 a winner. Follow his journey, replicate his determination and end the year on a high – here are his top tips for success.

  1. Take a break

Injury after the Linares fight forced Anthony to take a break from boxing and training. What at first seemed like a set back actually helped Crolla refocus:

‘I’m always ticking over in the gym but after the last fight I picked up a few injuries and had to have a little bit of a break. That really did me good, I feel refreshed. A few weeks of family holiday made me feel really good and ready to go again’

Scarily, recent reports claim that unused holiday days are at a 40-year high. No matter how busy or important you are, holidays are essential. Taking a break is proven to reduces stress, improve concentration and increase job satisfaction. By giving you perspective on the role of your job within your life, holidays decrease the likeliness of a burnout by re-calibrating your work/life balance and recharging those batteries.

2. Hard work

For Crolla, the working hard has been the most important way to bounce back after defeat. With two consecutive losses to the same opponent by the start of 2017, Crolla’s career looked in jeopardy. How did he bounce back?

“Hard work. Hard work and knowing that I had to change a few things. That night was a blessing in disguise, I cringe watching it now. After the fight I went back to my parents’ house and knew I had to change things and improve.”

Crolla’s reaction to defeat is easily applicable in the workplace. When faced with a challenge or disappointment, it’s so easy to react defensively, get demotivated or even consider changing jobs. Instead use disappointments to fuel your fire to improve, overcome and succeed.

3. A team mentality makes you stronger

The importance of teamwork can sound like a cliché and we’ve all heard how working as part of a team can increase efficiency and quality of output.

However, Crolla offered a slightly alternative perspective on the subject of teamwork. We asked Anthony if he feels pressure to be a role model to younger boxers, and his answer surprised us. Boxing seems like a solitary sport, as one fighter is pitched against another, but before the Crolla vs. Burns fight he attested to the strength of the team:

‘I don’t see myself as a role model. The lads (other boxers from Gallagher’s gym on the undercard) don’t treat me like that, we’re all just mates, we all support each other. It’s great to have 5 of us on and I look forward to 5 good wins. Each time each one of them wins, it gives me strength, so by the time that I fight, we have 4 wins behind us and I’ll go into mine full of confidence’

Teamwork is not only the act of working together but is a mentality which you can bring to foster success on even solitary projects.