10 Tips On Surviving Your Work Christmas Party

Rebekah Valero-Lee Candidate Advice


work christmas partyWe all know the work Christmas party is a great chance to let your hair down, get to know your colleagues and enjoy the festivities before it’s back to work – in theory.

However, for many employees, the idea of spending an evening with the same people they make chitchat with over brewing tea in the kitchen is a daunting prospect, especially if it involves karaoke, fancy dress or god forbid, a magician. Therefore, with every office having its own work Christmas party folklore, how do you keep your professional reputation intact whilst having a good time with your colleagues?

Here’s our top ten tip[S]

1. Attend

First things first, you need to actually go to the party.

2. Don’t go crazy

That means, don’t drink too much. It’s still a work related party so who knows who’s watching over you.

3. Dress appropriately

Just make sure you know what the dress code is, it’s maybe not the right time to bring out the big guns.

4. Mingle

Use this as an opportunity to catch up with your team and those people you always say hi to in the lift.

5. Don’t talk about work

It’s a cardinal rule, this is a work-free zone.

6. Stay away from office gossip

It’s easy to get caught up in gossip but it’s never going to end well, so stay away from it.

7. Don’t over indulge

We’ve mentioned don’t drink too much, so maybe don’t eat like crazy either, nobody wants belly troubles at a work event.

8. Speak to everyone

This is different to mingling, in that it’s a good opportunity to speak to some different people and maybe make a few new friends.

9. Relax

Don’t over analyse when your boss didn’t say hi straight away or you’re the only one wearing black, worrying gets you nowhere.

10. Have a good time

Finally, have a good time, you’ve worked hard all year so enjoy it!

These tips should get you through the night swiftly.

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