Top Tips: How to Write The Best Cover Letter

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Cover letters all have the same objective – to catch the hiring manager’s eye. But how do you make yours stand out from the rest? Well, we have a few tips on how to write the best cover letter to get you on the right track and make your cover letter both unique to you and your prospective employer.

It’s all about personality

One common view is to always let your personality shine through whilst drawing significant attention to your interest in the company. You can do this by providing company facts, explaining how the sector is changing, discussing what you see can yourself doing in 20 years (MD of the company?) and highlighting what inspires you – all relating to the company in question. Just be aware not to summarise your CV as a cover letter is an opportunity to make your mark, so be conversational, humorous even.

Think like an employer

If you were a hiring manager and received 300 CV’s and cover letters a day, what would be the deciding factor? Put yourself the hiring manager’s shoes and think what’s not only important but refreshing and not the same old copy-and-paste combination. Passion for one is among the characteristics we all look for, so make sure to emphasise your love for the company. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of flattery, just don’t overdo it. Or maybe take this opportunity to tell a story that isn’t on your CV, but always remember to adapt it to your prospective industry and make it relevant.

Be memorable

We now live in the digital age. Why not think outside the box – a chance to throw the formality of a traditional cover letter out the window. There’s no better time to take a risk, be creative and get noticed. For instance, if you want to work in social media, your cover letter could be a YouTube video or say you’re a budding graphic designer, design a whole sector specific website. Another idea is using the product itself – say you want to work for Prezi, a presentation company, use their product to your advantage. Ultimately, you want to make a lasting impression to get you that all important interview. The rest is then history.

Now you have the tips on how to write the best cover letter, maybe you’re ready to send that newly updated version off, check out our latest opportunities here. Or still thinking, ‘why am I not getting a job?’ then have a read what might be holding you back here, we’ve all been there.

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