Morson Group launch third safety unit vehicle

Rebekah Valero-Lee morson vital training


Morson Group have officially unveiled their new and improved Safety Unit, another leap forwards in site safety.

The official launch of the new vehicle, the third to join the fleet, took place at Morson Group headquarters in Salford in early November. It was attended by Vital’s executive director Gary Hardaker, John Cullen and other representatives from the Office of Road and Rail (ORR).

The new vehicle is a refreshed and expanded model of the original unit, first launched in June 2016 and which has since travelled over 25,000 miles across the UK to deliver high quality safety briefs on a variety of sites. A second smaller unit was added in 2016.

The design of the original unit followed extensive contractor research during the development stage to better understand the needs of site employees. The main upgrade to this original is the installation of two extra TV units and external speakers mounted on the side panel facing outwards. Above these screens is a new improved canopy. This allows for a huge increase in the number of staff that can be briefed at the same time (from 7 to up to over 30) as employees can stand outside the unit, in all weather conditions.

The environment inside the unit has also been improved with the addition of a more optimised seating layout and improved heating to add to contractor comfort.

Executive director Gary Hardaker said “Through the development of this new unit we are expanding our capabilities in delivering the sort of high quality site safety briefings that our first unit has been doing since it was launched.”

“It was fantastic to have John Cullen and the Office of Road and Rail officially cut the ribbon on the unit too. Special thanks to them for coming along and spending the afternoon with us.”

Morson Group CEO Ged Mason said “At the top of our Core Values is safety and it is paramount. As a business we’ve tried to ensure that we look at innovative ways at developing briefing and communications, which are so fundamentally vital in delivering key messages.”

“We’ve still learning, and there’s no finishing line in safety. These briefing units, most notably the newest one, are fantastic and all credit to the employees who really came up with the ideas.”