Meet Gareth Clarke From Morson Projects

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Meet Gareth Clarke, a Jig and Tool apprentice at Morson Projects, as he tells us about his experiences in a Q&A session. Gareth was awarded with a STEGTA Excellence Award for Outstanding Performance in Performing Engineering Operations earlier this year, and has excelled during his time with us.

Q: What attracted you to Engineering?

A: Engineering has always interested me as its real-world problem-solving. I really enjoy finding solutions to problems and getting past issues. All of engineering is essentially a large puzzle that needs solving and I really like getting coming up with an innovative way to make a product. I have always been quite creative in finding solutions to problems in everyday life, so engineering always felt natural for me.

Q: Why did you choose an Apprenticeship?

A: I chose to do an apprenticeship because I thought it would be the best choice for my future. Apprenticeships offer a unique opportunity for getting ahead in your career and to learn practical skills that are useful in your job. With apprenticeships, you start on your career path much earlier than taking the academic route. Just from working with my team here at Morson Projects, I have already learnt many skills that I would never have been shown by simply going through standard education.

Q: What has your experience of an Apprenticeship been?

A: My apprenticeship has been a really good experience. It has been great working with everyone on my team and with Morson Projects as a whole. I really enjoy what I do on a day to day basis and it helps when you have friends around you. Since starting my apprenticeship, I have improved my skills more than I ever thought I would and I hope I’m on my way to becoming a good engineer.

Q: Tell us a bit about the industry you are currently working in

A: Currently, I’m working as part of the Jig and Tool team as a design engineer. Essentially, I design pieces of equipment used to make, move or install other parts within the mechanical industry. I mostly work with aircraft or industrial turbines, making sure that they can be built and assembled properly to the high degree of accuracy needed. My job is to produce the 3D CAD models and drawings for these pieces of equipment, making sure they work in a virtual reality before they are made into physical objects.

Q:Would you recommend an apprenticeship?

A: I would recommend apprenticeships to anyone who is looking at Engineering as their future career. Whether you know exactly what you want to be in the future or not, apprenticeships always give you practical skills that can be used in your future job. Being in a real working environment it is easy to learn new skills as there are always people around to support you. It also helps that you can earn money while you learn.

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