Britain’s Blue Collar Capabilities Showcased at Hinkley Point C

Rebekah Valero-Lee Hinkley Point


Adrian Adair, our Ops Director discusses Britain’s blue collar capabilities showcased at Hinkley Point C.

With around 1,600 workers currently on site, construction of the infrastructure required for Hinkley Point C is now well underway.

The nuclear power station will produce seven per cent of the UK’s energy requirements by 2025 and current activity includes enabling works, building tunnels to carry cabling and pipes, a sea wall to protect the plant and a jetty off the Bristol Channel to allow materials to be delivered by sea, rather than road. Three million cubic metres of earth has been moved to prepare the site and the first concrete pours have already been completed. But there’s a long way to go. The build will take around a decade and work constructing the first reactor is not expected to begin until 2019.

What this means for the recruitment sector is a huge demand for blue collar skills across civils and construction disciplines. We’re already seeing a revival in relevant trades, with contractors, the further education sector and Government programmes driving training and development initiatives in key areas. It’s also an area that Morson has been focused on developing for several years, conscious of the fact that Hinkley Point C and other major nuclear build programmes will require extensive site skills for construction of the asset and provision of the infrastructure before work can even begin on the reactors.

Traditionally a resource provider for white collar consultancy skills, we have diversified over recent years to offer the right mix of skills at all levels across all construction, civils and engineering disciplines to offer a 3600 service to clients and expert job matching services for candidates. The reality is that Hinkley Point C and other UK sites already secured for nuclear plant development, will create extensive opportunity for site-based roles. The geographical spread of the proposed schemes – from the West coast of Scotland to Anglesey in North Wales and the Norfolk coast – also means that the employment opportunities are nationwide.

Hinkley Point C, in particular, is focussed on providing local employment opportunities. To leave a lasting skills legacy across Somerset and the South West., EDF Energy is working with all large Tier 1 contractors, who the majority of the project’s workforce will be employed by, to identify the skills and expertise needed. This information is being fed through to local training providers to improve relevant training and skills provision.

As Hinkley Point C and the other nuclear schemes continue to develop, the breadth of skills required will continue to increase, creating a long term renaissance for site-based trades.

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