Follow-up Emails That Land Jobs

Rebekah Valero-Lee Candidate Advice


We’ve all been there – you’ve just left an interview and you feel like you could have said more but you’re unsure whether to send a follow-up email.

A follow-up email is an opportunity to capture an exceptionally busy person’s attention. However, apparently people receive around 110 emails every day so you need to make it memorable. Here’s how:

New ideas

Email with new ideas in relation to what you discussed, making a lasting impression. Whether that’s your take on a new marketing strategy or a focus area they’re missing, make your ideas seem thought-out and truly useful to the business.

Short and simple

Keep it short and simple – straight to the point. Nobody wants to open an email that looks like a university dissertation. Maybe include images, videos or illustrations if relevant.

Extra information

Use it as an opportunity to add any related skills and abilities. Basically, any information that you did not think of in the interview, which may have a bearing on your candidacy. This addition could end up being a deciding factor, so .

Since there will typically be several top candidates for the role, each with various trade-offs regarding strengths, sending follow-up emails can help nudge that often difficult decision in your favour – hopefully. Either way, you need to do something different to capture somebody’s attention and this effort will not go unnoticed.

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