Don’t Get Spooked. 4 Top Interview Fears and How to Get Over Them.

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The clammy palms. The spiking blood pressure. The thundering heartbeat.

No, we’re not talking about what happens when you watch the Blair Witch Project; we’re talking about what happens in a job interview. We have 4 common interview fears and 4 ways to deal with them that doesn’t involve running away and hiding behind the sofa.




  1. The Fear: ‘They’re judging me’
    Answer: Let’s face it, an interview is a performance and so to an extent you will be judged. But be yourself and not what you ‘think’ the interviewer is looking for as this may not bode well in the future. However, this works both ways, you need to exercise judgement too – deciding whether the company is a good fit for you.
  2. The Fear: ‘I’ll never get this job’
    Firstly, thinking negatively will affect your performance, so you need to put any worries to the back of your mind. If you’ve done the preparation and you’re satisfied that you can present yourself in the best light possible then the rest is out of your hands – only one person can get the job. Remember, every interview is an experience, so you can always learn something.
  3. The Fear: ‘What if I forget everything?’
    It’s a good idea to accept that you will forget some points. In this case, creating a presentation or a document with your points on could help to trigger those memories. Also consider role-playing the interview with a family member beforehand, which can also help with your confidence.
  4. The Fear: ‘I’m so nervous, I’m shaking’
    Answer: We’ve all had that nervous laugh, over-smiling and even forgetting what our name is, but you need to not let nerves get the better of you. Try and stay calm leading up to the interview and not over-thinking scenarios which can lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy. A good tip is to do some yoga or relaxation techniques before the interview. And breathe…

Hopefully these tips will ensure you’re no longer spooked out by interviews. For more tips and careers advice, go to our blog.

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