The Morson League – Transfer Deadline Special

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It’s All Gotten A Bit Silly

The summer transfer window has finally closed, bringing to an end another circus of speculation, managerial panic and a £1.4billion outlay for Premier League clubs. Apart from a £92million bid being pulled out from Arsenal for Frenchman Thomas Lemar (who turned them down) nothing came even vaguely close to matching the staggering £198million world record transfer of Neymar from Barcelona to PSG  this summer. The deal will earn him roughly £41.2million per year.

The UK’s average salary in 2017 is £27,600 per year. As an average, of course, this means lots of you will earning much less.

We played around with the BBC’s new football wages comparison page using the UK’s average salary:

  • It would take Neymar 7 minutes to earn your weekly salary
  • It would take someone earning the UK average 1,474 years to earn what Neymar does in one.

We bet that’s made you feel fantastic. You get the feeling that things are really getting silly now. How much longer can these transfers and wages keep inflating before the bubble bursts? How much longer before the supporters who pay for their ticket with a higher and higher proportion of their own wage each week get fed up of watching players who can earn that wage in less time that it takes to eat a Balti Pie?

Stoppage Time

As usual, Transfer Deadline Day bought us a scramble for last minute deals and as the referee put the whistle to his lips with the clock ticking ever-closer the deadline, certain teams realised that they needed to act fast after missing out on primary targets. Like a Fantasy Premier League player scrambling to log on to their computer when they realise they have 3 minutes left to tweak their team for the week, Chelsea threw £35million at Leicester City for Danny Drinkwater at the last minute in the vague hope that by actually trying to recreate the East Midlanders’ 2015/16 title winning team they might have a chance at defending their own title this time around.

In the Morson League, it was all change at the top, with Ross Whitehead’s Rocky Rangers one point ahead of Chris Turner’s The Fashion Pulis (nice one). Both front lines included Firmino who hauled in 24 points if you captained him.

Propping up the bottom we have Craig Kelly and his team with a measly 72 points, which probably makes him about as happy as the average Arsenal fan on Deadline Day.

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