Forces Spouse: Life on The Outside

Rebekah Valero-Lee armed forces


Here at Morson we not only future-proof the careers of ex-forces personnel but also offer employment support to their civilian spouses understanding that when your partner is serving in the armed forces, you may have to put your career on hold. We interviewed Samantha Curtis, a previous Administrator at Morson, about how her life changed when her husband joined the Royal Air Force and how Morson’s support was invaluable for her career.

Samantha highlights her experience with Morson –

When I worked for Morson, I was impressed by the level of support offered to its employees. The team available to speak to on-site were very understanding of my personal circumstances and the fact that sometimes my husband’s job could throw up short notice assignments away from home”.

Working closely on military establishments throughout the country, we are dedicated to our covenant pledge, seeking to offer a second career to service leavers, their spouses and partners before we recruit locally.

It’s clear that with a spouse in the forces, it can be difficult to find work due to moving around, new environments and away from family support. In Samantha’s case, she was based away from home and as the Morson office was located not far from her house, it gave her the opportunity to develop her skills and care for her young son.

On the topic she emphasises –

“I was confident in Morson’s abilities to react to any given situation, they are a large international company with a great reputation“.

Samantha now works as a Resource Administrator for BAE Systems where she gets to meet all trades and professionals at RAF Marham, some of which are employed by Morson – so she is still part of the Morson family to an extent. Her current role is also close to her house, and in an environment she is familiar with, being Ex-Forces herself.

Once again, Morson understands that when your spouse or partner is serving in the armed forces, your career may be on the backburner – that’s where Morson come in. We can help you find the right job for you. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve switched jobs a few times or more, you’re unable to work regular hours or that you have to move frequently. We can help.

To find out more about our spousal support, go to our dedicated Ex-Forces pageand keep your eye out for part 2 of our Forces Partner Series.