Bombardier hit with 219% tariff with US

Rebekah Valero-Lee Aerospace and Defence


Canadian aircraft manufacturer Bombardier has suffered a major blow as the US has imposed a 219% tariff on sales of its C-Series Jet to US airline Delta.

This makes for uneasy reading for the 4,000 workers in Northern Ireland employed by the company, who now face an uncertain future. Bombardier have called the decision “absurd and divorced from reality.”

Our design engineers Morson Projects have an office in Belfast and partner with Bombardier on a number of projects. Andy Hassall, associate business development director, said  “Healthy competition between Airbus, Bombardier and Boeing has always driven innovation and continuous improvement in the Aerospace industry. With the US government adding 219% import duty, let’s hope this doesn’t create a “tit for tat” dispute between three governments that have traditionally been strong trade allies whilst also potentially stifling innovation and causing job losses.”

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