Trust the Experts to Fish for Nuclear Talent in a Bigger Pond

Rebekah Valero-Lee Power, Nuclear and Utilities


Adrian Adair talks Brexit and looking to bigger waters to source the best nuclear talent.

It’s now four years since the Government published its ‘Long-term Nuclear Energy Strategy’ and much has changed since then.

For the first time in June of this year, low carbon energy from wind, solar and nuclear provided 70 per cent of the requirement for the UK’s homes and businesses. It may only have been for a brief moment in time, but it provided a clear mark in the sand that highlights a low carbon future is possible.

To make it possible, the UK has committed to a huge programme of nuclear infrastructure developments that will complement advances in renewable technologies to help deliver our climate change commitments, alongside moves to use energy more efficiently. Energy companies are planning to build up to 16GW of new nuclear power capacity in the UK, with the first reactors expected to be operational within the next decade.

The other major change that’s occurred since the Government’s 2013 strategy was published, however, is that the UK has voted to leave the EU, which is not only a source of investment for our nuclear sector but also a source of skills and expertise.

The work status of EU nationals in the UK following Brexit still remains unclear because it is one of the major areas of negotiation currently taking place. As a major recruiter to the nuclear sector, it is clear to us at Morson that, whatever standard restrictions may be applied to EU citizens, the UK nuclear sector will continue to rely on the experience and technical skills of EU professionals, as well as those from further afield.

Our approach to recruiting the nuclear talent needed to realise the UK’s ambitions involves searching out the best people for the roles required, ensuring we match the post to the candidate. Our focus always begins locally to make sure that we deliver real economic and social benefits to the areas surrounding a project and upskill talent. From that, our focus spreads outwards, regionally then nationally, before setting our sights on overseas talent to supplement our UK skills base.

Our teams of experts not only understand the skills and person specification required for these very industry-specific and demanding roles, they also have the knowledge of visas and work permits needed to ensure that we attract the right skill set and facilitate their move to the UK.

We already routinely help talented candidates to acquire their Tier 1 (exceptional talent) visa by guiding them through the process, helping them gather together all the required documentation and supporting them with their individual needs, such as bringing their family across or helping their partner find a suitable role.

If Brexit involves restrictions on EU nationals similar to those currently in place for professionals from outside the EU, therefore, Morson is well-placed for offer a business-as-usual consultancy service to the nuclear sector. Consequently we will always be able to help our clients resource their projects at all levels with the right mix of skills and experience.

View our dedicated portal for Hinkley Point C, the first nuclear new build in the UK for two decades, and see how you can get involved.  Are you the nuclear talent we’re looking for?

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