How do I become an engineer? Different routes into engineering

Rebekah Valero-Lee Candidate Advice


Without engineers, life wouldn’t function. With so many different routes in the profession and ways to qualify, we put the spotlight of some of our up-and-coming stars of Morson Projects and find out what attracted them to a career in engineering.


Lewis Stamper, Apprentice SCADA Engineer

At the moment, I’m working on a four-year project for the Drax power station in York. Our brief is to enhance and replace the current systems they have in place to monitor the plant. We’re working on one of the biggest units at the moment, which will run 24/7. My focus is on the manipulation of data and building devices that an operator can control from a screen to say, open a valve or bring the temperature up.

My interest in engineering came from school. A teacher of mine, Mr Moore, had us creating a house alarm system – designing, building and project managing it from start to finish. I loved the technology and how everything worked, and was hooked from then on.

Being an apprentice is great as I’ve got to work across different parts of the team and I really enjoy the work environment in Morson Projects.


Freyja Ingham, Engineering Apprentice

I’m an asset care engineer, so I survey systems and carry out inspections on nuclear plants. It’s the same process on every system but there’s so many different things than can go wrong that need fixing.

I’d always enjoyed Physics at school and lots of people I knew were getting into engineering. I started my Apprenticeship with Morson Projects two years ago and it’s nice to have the hands on experience of engineering. I’ve since done my HNC and am starting my degree in Mechanical Engineering.


Sally Entwistle, Design Department

I’ve moved around different departments including aerospace, piping and now tooling but the work I do generally involves producing 3D models. I love the fact I get to work on projects at a number of different stages, from conception to detailed design.

I actually studied Quantity Surveying at Uni and worked in construction for five years after graduating before sidestepping into engineering when the recession hit.

My advice to those considering a career in engineering is to be committed, choose the right subjects at school and move around different industries to enhance your skill set. Studying Technology, Physics and Quantity Surveying gave me a basic skill set but Morson Projects has enabled me to explore different opportunities to gain more skills and become a better engineer.

James Tetley, Tooling Manager

I actually started with Morson Projects through work experience, where I was offered a full time position. I now manage the day-to-day running of the Jig and Tool department including project managing live jobs, liaising with customers, quoting new tasks, workload/resource planning and cost management.

I’d always been interested in engineering from when I was young, but I never really aimed or aspired to be in a particular industry or role, just to work to the best of my ability and see where it takes me.

I’d encourage every young person to consider an Apprenticeship, especially those looking to engineering. They offer invaluable experience that really surpasses what can be taught in a classroom. Working somewhere like here also means that you’re surrounded by likeminded, enthusiastic engineers.

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