What is it like to live in Helsinki?

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You’ve no doubt asked the question a lot – what exactly would it be like if I relocated and went to live in Finland? Fortunately, we have both the answer to that question and a selection of jobs in the cyber security industry available in the country’s beautiful capital. So why live in Helsinki?

Located in the south of Finland, Helsinki sits on over 300 islands in the Baltic Sea. Home to some 1.4 million people across the wider region, Helsinki is blessed with a unique combination of moods and atmospheres. Managing to be both laid back and relaxed (the Finnish are a notoriously sedate folk) as well as having a thriving, varied and active nightlife, the city beats with a variety of rhythms.

This is reflected in its geography, with beaches just a short distance away from lush forest areas and thousands of hectares of fishing waters. And there’s more good news – the climate is relatively tame compared to other parts of the country, with winter temperatures averaging higher than the northern parts of the country (though still a chilly -5 degrees).

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Inside the city centre itself there is plenty to enjoy. Beautiful neoclassical architecture is everywhere, such as the Old Market Hall, the Helsinki Cathedral and Senate Square. There are upwards of 13 museums ranging from art and design to trams. And speaking of trams, the city is the only one in Finland to have its own tram network to complement the rail, metro, bus and ferry systems. Getting around is definitely not an issue if you were to live in Helsinki or commute for work.

In terms of daily living, Helsinki was recently voted the ninth best city in the world to live in, with particular praise to its healthcare, infrastructure and education – there are five universities alone. The cost of living is comparable to most reasonable cities in the UK although, admittedly, on the steep side of things. But it could be said that this is a small price to pay for such a beautifully diverse and cultured city. Rent for a small flat in a modest area would set you back at least €700 per month, and a litre of fuel around €1.45.

We have some opportunities working for a global technology company in senior cyber security roles in Helsinki. Could you see yourself in the Finnish capital? Why not see if you have the necessary skills.

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