Morson host International Youth Nuclear Congress event

Rebekah Valero-Lee Power, Nuclear and Utilities


Morson hosted the 20th anniversary mid-term meeting of the International Youth Nuclear Congress at their head office in Salford.

The day-long event on Sunday 11 June, which formed part of a larger programme of events across the world, invited over 50 representatives from the International Youth Nuclear Congress from different countries, and marked the launch of the Innovation For Nuclear (I4N) campaign.morson-nuclear-event

Lenka Kollar, Director of Business Strategy at NuScale Power, said “A global energy transition is ongoing and we see nuclear energy playing a strong role in it, as long as it can remain innovative. This was one of the reasons in launching I4N. Part of IYNC’s mission is also to communicate the benefits of peaceful uses of nuclear technology, including how it can play a role in mitigating climate change.”

“We partner with other nuclear organizations on the #Nuclear4Climate initiative and also had a coordinating meeting for this on Sunday. It will be the responsibility of our generation to deliver on the promises of nuclear energy and we stress the importance of currently ongoing new builds, such as Hinkley Point C, to be finished in a timely manner.”