Map Your Career in IT – Business Analyst Jobs

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Fancy being the interface between the business and IT function? Well a business analyst role may be for you. From evaluating and analysing data to creating solutions to developing strategies, this position is different day to day and responsibilities vary from specialism to specialism, so there’s never a dull day. With the IT industry making headline news, now is a perfect time to find out about opportunities in IT and see if any business analyst jobs are out there for you.

business analyst jobs

Junior Business Analyst Jobs

The entry route to an analyst can vary. You may be a software developer or programmer and want a change of scenery, or, maybe you’ve just graduated in computer science. Either way, if you have excellent analytical skills and love problem solving, it’s for you.

Business Analyst Jobs

Experience can vary, but it’s usually 3 years industry experience. Obviously, undertaking extra training and so on can help. Day to day, you could be improving decision-making processes, supporting the introduction of a new IT systems or delivering security networks – all in a days work. Click here to apply for business analyst jobs: Business AnalystData Analyst

Senior Business Analyst Jobs

With over 5 years’ experience, you can progress to senior level. This may also be the time to specialise in a particular area, such as data analytics as the more specialised you are, the more sought after you are. Also, joining professional IT bodies like BCS or IAP can help with these decisions. Click here to apply for senior business analyst jobs: HRIS Data AnalystSAP Business Analyst

Director/Executive Level

A business analyst role has the potential with many years’ experience to progress to executive or director level. This status also gives you the opportunity to move into project management, consulting or work in a different industry.

Key Skills

The key skills a business analyst will need are the following:

  • Change management
  • Data analytics
  • Improved communication
  • Information systems
  • Project management

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