Location, Location, Re-location – Don’t Let Location Hinder Your Opportunities in Nuclear

Rebekah Valero-Lee Power, Nuclear and Utilities


Do the developments in the nuclear industry offer a big enough opportunity for you to consider relocation? We explore.

It’s an exciting time for the nuclear new build industry. The commencement of Hinkley Point C and plans for Moorside and Sizewell C mean that thousands of nuclear jobs for many skilled trades people will soon be available at sites across the UK. However, what if you don’t live in close proximity to these sites? Does this mean you’ll miss out on your next big opportunity?

Relocation could be your answer. However, the decision to relocate can be daunting and at Morson we help you assess whether it’s the right path for you.

1. What roles are out there for me?

Hinkley Point C – The South West

Hinkley Point C in Bridgwater, Somerset is set to create over 25,000 new jobs and apprenticeships. For bitesize information on Hinkley Point C view our handy infographic.

During the first, construction stage of the project, opportunities will centre on skilled trades. Indeed, from welders to steel fixers and joiners to plasterers there will be huge opportunity for a variety of skilled trade jobs.  To facilitate the deficit of skills, candidates will be considered who have relevant backgrounds from many different sectors, from rail to aerospace. So, opportunity abounds even if you’re new to nuclear. To find your opportunity at Hinkley Point C use our easy guide.

The South West itself has many fine attributes, including a fantastic coastline, sense of community and thriving culture. So, if you’re a skilled tradesman, Hinkley Point C presents itself as a great re-location opportunity.

Moorside – The North West

Planned for West Cumbria, if given the go ahead Moorside would be Europe’s largest new nuclear project, employing 5000 people during construction phase creating upwards of 500 permanent jobs.  At the time of writing the development has not been given the green light, however NuGen CEO, Tom Samson, is confident that the project will go ahead.

Living in commutable proximity of the Moorside development delivers the obvious benefit of having the Lake District on your doorstep. If stunning scenery and outdoor activities appeal, then Moorside might be the right choice for your relocation journey.

Sizewell C – The South East

Awaiting the final investment decision, Sizewell C will be built alongside the existing Sizewell A and B power stations on the Suffolk coast. Costing up to £18bn the build is expected to take nine years and provide hundreds of jobs for workers in the surrounding areas.

Suffolk offers natural beauty and pristine beaches making the county a great option for Londoners wanting to escape the city and get more for their money.

Our nuclear project planner illustrates the major nuclear milestones, so even if a move isn’t right for you now, you can see what opportunities will be available in the future.

2. What are the benefits of relocation?

Taking a job opportunity in your current town or city offers the obvious benefit of stability however open your mind to relocation and you may discover a wealth of opportunity not available to you in your local area. Broadening your job search by location opens up more varied job opportunities, potential higher earnings and a chance to meet new people and experience new places.

3. Next steps

If the idea of relocating for work appeals but you’re still unsure of what the transition entails then, here at Morson, we have onsite teams offering exceptional contractor care who help with re-location and other enquiries. If permanent relocation seems unfeasible, many of the contract roles available on nuclear new builds offer the benefit of a regular shift pattern. This navigates the need for a permanent move, allowing you to split your time between work and home throughout the week.

Morson has some of the most exciting nuclear jobs in the industry.  Relocating for work could change everything.

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