Safety First: Vital’s Leading Onsite Safety Unit

Rebekah Valero-Lee Rail and Transportation


Since its launch in the summer of 2016, the Vital Safety Unit has changed the way safety briefs are delivered across a range of sites across the UK. In its first 12 months, it has travelled nearly 20,000 miles and has seen the birth of a smaller unit to compliment it.safety-bus-infographic-1

Safety briefings have been completed for clients such as Network Rail and Balfour Beatty with more booked in throughout the remaining year. Take a look at some stats in numbers in our infographic to the right.


Jane Hepburn, who leads the coordination of the unit, says “I’m proud that I’m part of a business and company that are not only taking safety seriously but are actually the frontrunners in making such a design available to our operatives.”

“I feel like we’re leading the way.”


The future is only looking better for Vital’s safety provisions, with another large unit scheduled to come into service soon in order to provide dedicated units for both the north and south of the country.




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