Railway Maintenance Jobs – The Lowdown

Rebekah Valero-Lee Rail and Transportation


From engineers to quality and risk managers to project managers, jobs in rail can vary. But what about Railway Maintenance Jobs? We give you a lowdown on what experience is needed for this role, the duties it entails and what opportunities are currently out there for the taking.

Desired experience

Typically, we look for experience in construction or engineering as well as mechanical and maintenance engineering qualifications. Ideally, sought after skills include being good at practical and mechanical work, teamwork skills and an awareness of safe working practices on the railways.

Day-to-day tasks

The duties can vary from one day to the next but usually involve hands on skills for instance, installing and renewing track, tunnels, embankments, cuttings, level crossings and bridges. Not only this but railway maintenance jobs include checking sections of track are the correct distance apart and right height, inspecting tracks for defects and reporting and clearing potential obstacles, such as after bad weather. All in all, you’ll use hand tools, pneumatic drills and welding equipment and for major repairs and to lay new track, you’ll use heavy machinery.

Railway maintenance career track

The career path of an experienced railway maintenance can lead to being promoted to supervisor or team leader and with further training, a track inspector, engineering technician or track designer could be on the cards.

What’s out there?

With several large scale rail projects planned over the next few years, including HS2, which is expecting to completely transform the rail and transport industry, rail personnel are highly sought after to fulfil roles across all divisions. In particular, railway construction and maintenance jobs are increasingly in demand, assisting the infrastructure elements of big rail projects.

Check out our latest available roles in rail. But, if a railway maintenance job isn’t for you, why not map your career in rail or know what track you want to go down, read our tips on how to get a job in rail. Or, are you based in London? Here’s what’s on offer in the capital.

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