What is GradDNA?

Rebekah Valero-Lee Candidate Advice


We talk to GradDNA founder Stephen Reilly:

GradDNA is a new innovative app for students – it’s for the digital natives. It provides an opportunity for graduates to take psychometric assessments in the palm of their hand and see the best employers that are suited to them so they can apply.

The app includes a number of psychometric assessments; numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, inductive reasoning; and then once the students take some of the tests they then get matched to the best employers.

They can actually then click through and see what careers are most suited to them and then actually apply to those employers through the app.

The GradDNA app can really help clients identify talent that has the skill-sets that they need. For big engineering firms or IT practices, that’s not always evident – a lot of clients now don’t require an engineering degree or a specific software background. So what the app can do is really identify some people who have great aptitudes, a good track record in academia, and the ability to then put those opportunities in front of the right graduates to consider the right roles for these organisations.

That’s how we partner with Morson and some of their clients to be able to help bring some of this new talent into their businesses.