Top Tips: How to be a Successful Manager

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No matter what industry you’re in, success in a business is a result of successful employees. Strong managers are one of the most critical components of employee achievement, therefore, it’s essential that you nurture your staff to be the best they can be. Whether you’re an aspiring manager or manage a team of 40, here’s some top tips on how to be a successful manager.

Do your job

First and foremost, do your own job. It’s important to get the balance right between managing the team and your own workload. Staff will respect you more for pitching in like everyone else but it’s understandable that at times your job involves being more strategic. ‘Leading by example’ is not just a cliché; when leaders say one thing, but do another, they erode trust and respect – critical elements of productive leadership.

The value of employees

It’s crucial to understand the value of your employees. Employees who believe that management is concerned about them as a person, not just a worker, are more productive, more satisfied and more fulfilled. Numerous surveys have proven that appreciation is high on an employee’s wish list and so it’s about creating a culture where employees know they are valued.

Be a cheerleader

There’s nothing better than a manager that encourages your success. A manager that is invested in the team’s success will assist in promoting a positive attitude. Alongside this attitude comes recognising where your employees strengths lie. By identifying everyone’s strengths and skillsets, you can put each member in a place to shine meaning the team can successfully work together towards a common goal.

Trust yourself

Despite the above tips being invaluable advice, there is no distinctive guidebook that works for all managers, every team is different. For that reason, you should trust yourself and the decisions you make. Obviously, a few mistakes may happen along the way but you can learn from them in order to be the best manager you can be.

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